CrowdCoinage Вounty Campaign Results

We’d like to thank everyone who took part in our bounty program and to reveal the number of bounty tokens soon to be distributed among the participants — during the next 1–2 weeks.

We’ve finalized the list of those eligible to receive bounty tokens for helping our team during the token sale. The bounty pool’s size is 6 million tokens, which constitutes 5% of the total amount of issued tokens.

Among the marketing activity categories, we’d like to thank the participants of “Blog, Facebook Groups and Reddit Campaigns. It proved to be great at boosting brand awareness and referrals to our website, however due to small number of participants we decided to join these campaign together and also we’ve decided to increase the bounty share of for this campaign by 5% and Twitter & Facebook Campaign by 10%.

Alas, not all bounty activity were successful. The Signature Campaign and Translation Campaign are among those that did not quite fulfil our expectations. It gave a minor boost and didn’t produce a really striking effect. We were also hoping for higher support in local communities regarding Translations campaign, but it didn’t happen. As a result, we’re going to decrease the bounty shares of Signature Campaign by 15%.

We’d also like to say a few words about the participants who didn’t initially fit into the standard marketing program conditions but ultimately managed to give a considerable boost to our project.

You can see the final distribution of the bounty token pool below:

Campaign 1: Facebook — 25%

Campaign 2: Twitter — 25%

Campaign 3: Bitcointalk — 5%

Campaign 4: Translations — 5%

Campaign 5: Articles and blog posts, Reddit and Facebook Groups — 30%

Campaign 6: Telegram — 10%

You can find the detailed distribution spreadsheet here.