CrowdCoinage’s needed side-quest

“An architect working on a draft with a pencil and ruler” by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

It’s been roughly two weeks since the end of our campaign. In the mean while We’ve been busy polishing our roadmap and planning next steps for the project. Those who have been following us closely might have noticed that our ICO had a bumpy ride. Lots of experience and difficulties to overcome, but we made it.

We decided to build a standalone version from the codebase we used to launch our own coin offering. We see that as the next logical step to pay for the future platform developments. There are two equally unique features that we definitely plan to port over to the cloud version (referring to the free toolset). In fact most of the code can be reused. That’s why the decision.

We are updating our website to better reflect our visions and goals.

Launching an ICO yourself and/or see future in CrowdCoinage? Want to have a say which features get developed first? Consider buying CCOS tokens to help us thrive to decentralised future, helping visionaries and entrepreneurs collect funds for their projects. At the moment the only way is to trade with token holders via following exchanges, but we are publishing a new way soon.

  1. EtherDelta
  2. TokenStore
  3. AcceleratorEX