Managing tokens on MyEtherWallet

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Here’s the quick navigation:
 1) Making sure You are on the correct website
 2) Adding ERC20 token
 3) Transferring tokens

Making sure You are on the correct website

To keep newcomers safe from fraud, will this post suggest several validating methods.
 1) You should enter the website’s url, in this case:, or create a bookmark, this way it’s less prone to a typo.
 2) When on the website, make sure to check the credentials. When using modern enough browser, you should see the certificate info stating:

Chrome 65.0 / Mac OSX

2.1) Be aware, there were ascii encoding flaws on url displaying going around while back. Firefox and Safari I do believe were immune.

Adding ERC20 token

After navigating onto the website and closing MEW (MyEtherWallet) popups. I do recommend reading them when accessing the service for the first time. There are two buttons in the bottom part containing back and forth buttons.

MyEthweWallet popup’s navigators

You can close the window by clicking outside of it or reading through it pressing done in the end.
 Now you may or may not need to create a new wallet. Chances are you already own one with tokens on it. A tutorial is put together by the MEW team.

Next navigate over to Send Ether & Tokens tab. You’ll need to add your wallet. We suggest MetaMask, that way never will your private key be accessible to third-party services. Each transaction has to be individually confirmed. If not possible, one can import the wallet using any other available method.

MyEtherWallet wallet importing selection

Most popular ones would be
1) View w/ Address Only — That way You may only view funds for publicly shared keys
2) MetaMask / Mist — Both have implemented web3 libraries to their applications
3) Private Key — This would be the equivalent to giving away your stamp for signing transactions.

On a successful wallet import will you be redirected to a new page. Scrolling down one will find Token Balances section. Clicking on Add Custom Token opens up a following form

Token Balances section on MyEtherWallet

Token Contract Address means the actual address for a token. This is often mixed up with Crowdsale contracts, which exchanges tokens for Ethereum (ICOs).
Token Symbol appears next to this specific token amounts (ex 275000 CCOS) Decimals has to be double checked due to possible converting problems. Default would be 18, just as many as for Ethereum.

Click save to add the token
Two last row should be auto-filled.

In the case of CrowdCoinage (CCOS) the token address is 0x79186ba0fc6fa49fd9db2f0ba34f36f8c24489c7

Transferring tokens

Having our new shiny token added. Scrolling back on the Send Ether & Tokens tab reveals a form.

MEW sending tokens

To Address has to be given the address onto where you’d like to send your tokens.
Amount to Send asks for the amount of tokens to be sent previously stated address. Make sure to switch over to wished token from the select input.
Gas Limit might not update instantly. If so, edit the amount. Do not leave it at 21000 when transferring tokens as the transaction will run out of gas.

After generating the transaction, send it. You’ll be notified by a popup with the status. Mine did succeed and generated following popup.