We’re Getting Close to Our Goal

CrowdCoinage is pleased to announce that we’re over 90% towards meeting our next milestone of 10 million tokens sold! And we’d like to thank everyone who has already bought CCOS.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

If you haven’t bought CCOS yet, here’s what you should know about CrowdCoinage.

CrowdCoinage is a free, decentralized ICO platform built on the blockchain with investor security in mind.

What makes us unique is that our community decides by majority vote on which startups may list their ICO launch on our platform. Speaking of voting, funding is also released by majority vote, based on completed milestones.

If a startup fails to meet their milestones, they have a second chance to meet their targets. In the event that the startup fails to meet their milestones a second time, the ICO is closed and all funds returned to the investors.

This element of scrutiny by our community will make fraudulent ICOs avoid our platform. We intend to keep our community secure and safe for investors.

In addition to the free ICO launch platform that is the heart of our project, we also have ambitious plans to roll out a jobs board in conjunction with our platform. Startups will be able obtain expert advice from legal, financial and marketing professionals to make their ICOs a resounding success.

Long term, we plan on launching additional FinTech services to meet the needs of our community members and customers. Sounds interesting? Well, here’s something else you should know.

Our ICO closes soon (March 12.) Right now we are offering 10% bonus tokens with purchase, but this bonus will soon disappear. So why not take advantage and lock in your bonus-with-purchase now?

For full details on our bonus offer, please visit this page.

Questions? We’re here to help. Reach out to our support team by emailing:

[email protected]